I will start freelancing doing graphics, music, video, photography, postproductions, illustrations, web adds, flash works, logos and pr-materials ..

Dont hesitate to contact me if you need any graphic works done..

I have worked and teached for several years in:
After effects
Sketching Techniques
Computer game develoment
Sound production

Im sorry to say that i finally made a decision... I've decided to give up breeding animals for this time and i will sell the house..

Much things happened in my life since this spring.
I want to spend my money and my life on experience the world and the life instead of just living in a nice place.

So i will take the opportunity to progress my graphical skills, relaxing, travel the world and just enjoy life.

Most animals will be for sale, i will put up a list of species here...
People that i know well and public zoos is priority buyers.

jag måste meddela att jag kommer att lägga ner djuraveln för den här gången..

Det finns massor till salu, listan kommer att uppdateras med fler skorpor, kackerlacksodlingar, terrarier och tillbehör...

Giftiga djur säljes endast tillpersoneröver 18 år, giftorm endast till personer med erfarenhet och rätt ålder.

jag förbehåller mig rätten att prioritera köpare som jag känner väl eller som ska ha djuren till offentlig visning..

Bud på allt mottages gärna, undanber mig dock skambud....


Hadrurus arizonensis 1.2 1500:- gruppen

Orthochirus scrobiculosus negebensis vet ej kön. 200:-
Androctonus amoreuxi 0.1 250:-
Androctonus mauritanicus 0.1 250:-
Androctonus bicolor 0.1 250:-
Leiurus quinquestriatus 0.3 250:- st


vita änkor 0.x latrodectus pallidus 250 :- st

Lasiodora parahybana 0.1 stor 600:- 0.0.1 250:-

brachypelma Smithi juvenila troligen 0.3 men kan inte garanteras 250:-/ st


naja pallida 0.1 ca 1m 750:-
monokel suphaner 1.1 hanen 1.20 honan ca 1.7 2800:-
Crotalus oreganus oreganus 0.0.2 600:- st 1 födda 07 och 08

Cryptelytrops albolabris 1.1 proven breeders 1200:- /paret

Cryptelytrops albolabris 1.1 red eyed 1500:- /paret

Crotalus atrox 0.0.2 födda 07 500:- st

Bitis arietans 0.0.2 födda 07 600:- st

Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster 1.1.1 födda 07 och 08 1400:- för ALLA

Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus 1.1 honan kan vara parad 1400:- /paret

Echis carinatus adult 0.1 700:- 0.0.1 född 08 500:-

Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus 0.0.1 född 08 500:-

alla djur funkar naturligtvis klanderfritt.

090531 Albolabris Babies

Reorganize the hobby, got to much animals and to much work.
Selling single animals, and some various scorps. only going to keep a few scorp species!
Im going to build biotopes that more or less takes care for it selves.

See add > (on swedish)

081030 site change!!

we dont have the time to update the site on different languages, the site will be mainly on english. Just some links will be on swedish or both. we are working on this... so if you dont understand something please ask us.


The first PSG 290 Necroscia annulipes has hatched out!

081029 Norrköping

We will be at Norrköpings symposium 2008,
book animals, hooks etc to get what you want.

See add here >>>

I am updating the site!
Taking new pictures at our animals and im working with new layout for looking at pictures. All galleries will be like the galleries Photos and scorpions.
We also working with a new webshop, but the old one stays until the new is ready.
My trip to South Africa insperated me to start working on our own vivarium interiors, I shot lot of pictures at reference matierals and biotopes.

we will use this picure as reference when buildning the interior of the pallida vivarium.

Also planning build new vivariums for a couple new species and a brand new reptile room.

Kristianstadbladet visited Expo syd and took a look at our table

See what we talked about >>>

080628 Microgeckos

The first microgecko (Tropiocolotes steudneri) has hatched out
A copy of the parents but only 2 - 2.5 cm.

The male

2 days old juvenile.

2 days old juvenile.

Exotisk Utsällning på Aspö Gård i Skövde

Den 15 juni hade m-artnature och en liten utställning på Aspö Gård i Skövde. Utställningen var öppen mellan kl: 13 och 16 och hade ett hundratal besökare. Bland annat visades skorpioner, spindlar, kackerlackor, vandrande pinnar, sköldpaddor, ödlor och ormar.

Det var många som var nyfikna och ställde frågor, och en del berättade med stor entusiasm om egna möten med diverse kryp. Mest roade var naturligtvis barnen, men även föräldar och en och annan farmor botaniserade med skräckblandad förtjusning bland diverse kryp och kräl. För de riktigt modiga fanns dessutom en majsorm som fick klappas under övervakning från arangörerna.

Dennis Henrysson, Jonas Swahn och Linus Janzon fanns på plats och berättade om djuren och svarade på frågor. ”Det har varit en mycket trevlig dag, och förhoppningsvis har vi lyckats värva några nya själar till denna fantastiska hobby!” säger Dennis Henrysson som här visar upp en majsorm för några nyfikna besökare. (Bilden)

text & foto: Linus Janzon

080611 exhibition

Welcome to Aspö gård Skövde Sunday 15th June!

We will have some of our animals at display, come and see venomous snakes, widows and deadly scorpions!!
We will be there to answer your questions..

the new logotype


Small green babies..
will be some for sale when they eat and works well..

New script


Today ive added a javascript which randomly generate a new picture/photography each time you visit the start page. It work fine with internet Explorer and mozilla fire fox. I will uppdate the catalouge with pictures so there will be a whole lot more.




New arrivals:
Naja pallida
and more....

080107 News 08

Working with a larger update on the site, a swedish and english version will be available.

the venomous room in use, starting breeding rattlers and black widows. First CB Latrodectus mactans eggsack is hatched.

Crotalus oreganus

Hatching of:
Phyllium siccifolium
Peruphasma schultei

PSG 19 - Lonchodes brevipes

071009 Mantid hatching

Hatching in the mantid factory! Popa spurca crassa, first otheeca of three!!

070902 10 years jubileeExhibition in Tibro

10 years since I started my Aestethic studies.
14 exhibitors in local gallery in Tibro 22/9

My works will content some photos, digitalillustrations, a demoreel and maybe a airbrush piece.


070826 Mantids News

Got breedingstock on
Hymenopus coronatus
Gongyles gongylodes

The mating of
Popa spurca crassa,
went well. The first ootecha was laid 070817..



Also lot of new sp. on the list!!!


070629 Peacocks to Dalbo

Got 1.3 Peacock to our garden! Really nice Birds!

Various new species and hatched otheecas

Got myself some new scorpions; ophistohptalmus bohemi, Hadogenes paucidens, Pandinus imperator.

Trying on breed small geckos...
Got 1.2 Tropiocolotes steudneri

Also 3 of 5 otheecas of Orthodera novaezealandiae hatched out..

(The fly in the background is normal sized fruitfly!)


A buch of Apheloria tigana arrived this morning, also a whole lot of Argiope aurantia spiderlings.

070410 Phasmids

Got three new phasmidspecies...

O. peruana
Sipyloidea sipylus
Phyllium siccifolium

siccofolium peruana
070225 Extatosoma tiaratum

The first egg of ap. 120 hatched.
Just waiting for the rest to hatch.

Now there is a shitload of them!