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Published: 2011-02-05 10:37:55

Comment by the artist:

The Shark Project!

The 2:th of Juli 2010 a fisherman called me and told me he at last had got me a shark-head!

It was hard work to get the cartilage skull and jaw parts from the resty of the shark.
I boiled the head and got out a rather clean cartilage-head and jaws, then I leaved the project.

Today I decided to finish my project but I had to give up the project today,
I tried to fix the teeths with melting glue, the melting glue fixed the teeth to fast.
I want to put all teeth in the jaws and be able to adjust the angle of the teeths before they gets fixed,
So I decided towait til' next week when I probably gets the Sculpey I've ordered.

So I sorted the teeths by size and fixed the jaws so it's just to put sculpey in the jaws and put in the teeths.