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Published: 2010-09-04 21:25:28

Comment by the artist:

I'm starting to get tired! But I'm glad i made a painting today, have do some more works especially on the skull!

Comments by viewers:

Name: jonas
Comment: You're absolutely right about the highlight on the womans nose!
Theres is no deep thoughts about the tattoo machine and rest of the motif, just wanted to paint something "machine like" and were just playing around with effects of smoke and lightnings!

    (2010-09-05 07:21:35)

Name: Iona
Comment: I get a little but disturbed by the highlight on the womans nose (at the bottom/tip). Feels like it should be a shadow instead if it's not so that the light comes from below. But if it does, I think the flares in her eyes would look different and there's nothing else saying that the light comes from underneath (You know how people look when they hold a lamp under their chin while telling ghost-stories. ;) The skull is great of course, you know that stuff (you know it, feel safe and like to paint it - right? ;-p he he, like I keep painting my naked women over and over again...) I don't really understand the concept with the tattoo-thingy but look forward to see your progress. :-)

    (2010-09-05 06:45:01)