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Published: 2010-09-01 19:46:00

Comment by the artist:

I've put in the colorset I'm going to use in the picture. No more painting today!

Comments by viewers:

Name: Flamm
Comment: CHaaaaaarliiiiie

    (2010-10-27 21:43:16)

Name: jonas
Comment: No you did not describe it, I really want you to describe the unicorn in your dream in detail, maybe I can make a painting of it! It would be very fun to make a painting to illustrate your dream!

    (2010-09-02 04:42:33)

Name: Iona
Comment: Ooh, it's so beautiful!!! Did I tell you that the unicorn in my dream shimmered in blue, pink and silver? I had like soft colored sparkles around it. It also had ver long legs for being unicorn...

    (2010-09-01 21:23:54)