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Published: 2010-07-30 12:47:15

Comment by the artist:

Iona, thanks for the feedback! Here's a new version of the picture, with the hand connected to the arm! The translation for the swedish name of those monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) are skull-monkey... So I made the picture with an idea of what if, those monkeys really was skull-monkeys?! Oh.. and there's some zombie-fruits in the background.

Comments by viewers:

Name: Iona
Comment: Ah, now I understand. In previous picture I mistook the thigh for the arm. Now it's much more clear. I still think it's a little bit hard to see where all these fingers come from though... from which limb (on the monkey to the right). The second hand/foot from the right also seems to be very big in comparison to the others.

I think it's a great picture, but it's also very dark and "sullen". Maybe that's exactly what you want to express but I think the motif would gain some extra life with some "popping highlights". That would give the picture more depth I think. Just my two cents. :-)

    (2010-07-30 15:03:37)