Behind M-artNature  

M is for Morbidious...
Morbidious became my artistname in" the Evil spirits" fakir group. which me and my Friend started in 1995, we gave plenty of painful shows for some years. I ended it up at Dark funerals release of "DIABOLIS INTERIUM" 2001 at Arena Stockholm wich was my absolute last show.

My name is Jonas Swahn, born -74, I live outside a small village called Tibro, in Sweden.

All my life my biggest interest has been things around or in the nature.

love fishing and bowhunting

Since early years ive

Photographingbeen photographing since ever

a closeup!



Working as teacher on the University of Skövde,

teaching computer graphics, on the program for computer game making, also teaching media in things like filmmaking/ editing, animation, digitalrretushing, post-compositing.



Always loved to create art,


on my sparetime
( when im not spending time with my wife and our cats and dog) i do some digital illustration works
some animations and look after my Herptile and invertebrate breeding.

Some years ago i started M-art, which was a name for all my


working with film, animation, ph And thats whats behind m-artnature


Music: Vox Impia